I baked. I organized cabinets. I sorted out cookbooks. I tidied the living room. I did virtual church and had conversations with my daughters. I wrote reviews.

I knitted.

The continuing quarantine (except for people who are going around spreading the virus and making sure the US stays at the top of the new cases list) is easier for introverts than for extroverts.

I’ve loosened up enough to see my kids and grandkids. I went out a couple of times to take my granddaughter to baking camp and to have a socially distanced outdoor meeting. I have a couple of Zoom calls scheduled for this week. But I have been craving a trip to the botanical gardens. Or a swim. Or a walk in the park even.

On the other hand, my kitchen looks good now and my Madeira cake was awesome with berries and cream, and this may be the world’s most adorable sweater.