This is the day that I begin a new habit under the Sticky Habits system. One habit I’ve been trying to get is that of taking a more intense exercise break at lunchtime. I’m doing my 30 minutes of stepping in the morning and taking a walk some days as well, but I need some strength training.

So the Sticky Habits bit might help me add one more good habit. The trick is to wait for a week, which I’ve done, and then to add just five minutes a day toward that habit.

I’ve nearly finished the front of #1 son’s sweater. It’s the Cabled Sweater from Erika Knight’s Men’s Knits. I’m using Chunky Tweed from King Cole in Orkney, a lovely Donegal tweed. The cable is a braid, just one on either side of the chest and one down each sleeve.


Next weekend is Easter, but if I can finish the front this week, then the sleeves should be finished by #1 son’s birthday. I hope. If not, it’ll be yet another unmet deadline.

It’s the year of habits, though, so who knows.

Once the sweater is finished, I have a long list of next projects to choose from:

  • a lace shawl in marsala laceweight wool
  • machine embroidery
  • the Spring SWAP
  • several unfinished quilts
  • a weekender bag
  • redecorating the sewing room

Oh, and of course the magic of tidying.