This $89.oo bag went on sale for $13.90, so I bought it. Do I need a neon-bright handbag of man-made materials? No — though it does go perfectly with my summer jacket.


They aren’t as loud in person, but they’re pretty bright.

The bag is from 9 West and it’s well made and certainly would cost more than fourteen dollars to make — I’d have to pay that much just for the hardware. I was happy to find that I completely understand its construction and feel as though I could probably put it together myself, though I would doubtless make mistakes and have wonky seams. Since I haven’t actually made a bag from my bag-making class, that’s about as far as I can go on the bag-making capability topic.

I was also offered this $83.00 leather bag for review.


It was a company in China, not Amazon, so they may or may not send it, but I accepted. This means that my estimate of how cost-effective it is to make your own bags may have to be revised downward. First, both these bags were originally in the under-$100 range and I like them both, so I may not be able to claim that I’m making the equivalent of a $500 bag, even if I get really good at it. Second, my average cost for the two will be under $7.00, so I obviously can’t claim a savings of any kind this year.

The last thing from my materials list for the duffel bag class is scheduled to arrive Monday. I may get started on the bag then, but since my vacation comes along at the end of that week, I’m worried that I’ll try to rush to get it finished in time and perhaps do a bad job on it. I may spend another couple of weeks thinking about bags instead.