I think I’ve finished my shopping. I had thought I was through before, but I hadn’t bought things for stockings. Actually, I wasn’t going to do stockings. Last year we had 13 people here for Christmas morning and there were 13 stockings.

This year, I think Christmas morning will just be me and my husband. No need for stockings.

I put the nativity set on the mantel. Obviously, I am not tall enough to see the dust on the mantel without the help of a camera, so I will have to redo the mantel. But it definitely doesn’t have space for the stocking holders.

Having made the plan for the mantel, I learned that #1 daughter and her crew will be here for Christmas morning. That’s three stockings.

My position on holidays is, my daughter says, like a bus station. Events take place and whoever is there participates.

But then I began to think. If three people get stockings because they show up on the 25th, what about the four who are planning to come on the 26th? They don’t get stockings? And if they do get stockings, then #2 who is coming on the 1st should surely get one, too.

So that’s 8 stockings. Maybe 10 because my husband and I should get stockings if everyone else does, right? So I spent a couple hundred dollars on things to put in stockings.


Yes, I have reached the point where I just cheerfully spend money because it’s Christmas. I must be sure not to go into stores. Or to websites.

There are songs about stockings. This one is completely new to me:


Christmas Alphabet
C is for the Candy trimmed around the Christmas tree
H is for the Happiness with all the family
R is for the Reindeer prancing by the window pane
I is for the Icing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane
S is for the Stocking on the chimney wall
T is the Toys beneath the tree so tall
M is for the Mistletoe where ev’ry one is kissed
A is for the Angels who make up the Christmas list
S is for old Santa who makes ev’ry kid his pet
Be good and he’ll bring you ev’rything in your Christmas alphabet

Well, maybe it’s not precisely about stockings, but it’s cute.

It was recorded in 1954. It was written by Buddy Kay and Jules Loman. I had never heard of the McGuire Sisters, but they were actual sisters who sang close harmonies like the Andrews Sisters.

Sing this with your kids.