Last night I went to see Stomp at the Walton Arts Center. Stomp combines music, dance, and theater into an amazingly athletic, impressively entertaining, and very, very noisy performance.

If you have a chance to see Stomp, you should. If you have a chance to see anything at the Walton Arts Center, you should also do that. This season they have (among other things) Noises Off, the Tokyo String Quartet, the Avett Brothers, and the Nutcracker. The WAC is always a welcoming place, the performances and classes are both well-organized and relaxed, and there’s not a bad seat in the house.

I usually sing on the stage at WAC every season as a member of a community chorale, but this year the chorale is not performing at the WAC and I am not singing in it. None of my kids will be in youth programs or performances this year, either — with our youngest reaching age 20 next week, they’re too old ever to do so again. All the more reason, I felt last night, to support the Arts Center from the front of the house.

I thought about the things I’ve seen and heard there: not just Broadway shows but poetry readings, lectures by National Geographic photographers, classic plays, rock bands, opera, ballet, every kind of music, wine and cheese receptions, dessert receptions, wedding receptions, workshops, and galas. For a town the size of ours to have cultural opportunities like this is amazing.The fact that many of these events cost as little as $10 is even more amazing.

In all the years — the decades– we’ve visited, performed at, studied at, volunteered at, shopped at, and enjoyed the Walton Arts Center, we’ve never before become Friends of the WAC. I don’t know why; perhaps we felt that buying tickets and paying for classes and programs was a sufficient contribution. I don’t think it was. The WAC is a central part of what makes life in our town so great, and they deserve our support. I’ve just sent my donation for the first time. Maybe you should too.