Yesterday I had a cut on my foot, a sore throat, sores in my mouth, and a general sense of malaise. Actually, I still have those things today, but yesterday I decided to stay home and — apart from writing some blogs I had to complete — spend the day sewing and watching Chuck as a marathon.

This was the result: top #1 of the Summer Top Project 2014. It’s the Hot Patterns Sunshine Top, definitely one of my T&T patterns, but it had some challenges. First, the gorgeous fabric — a French import from Emma One Sock — has horizontal stripes. It’s a knit, and unusually soft and sumptuous, with enough stretch that I decided to go ahead and cut it so that the stripes would be vertical.

This meant that instead of having the perfect amount for the pattern, I had lots of scrap and not enough for sleeves.

I have this in a second colorway, and might be able to cut it cannily enough for sleeves on the second go round, but this one ended up as a tank.

It also ended up unevenly gathered. That’s so obviously my fault that I don’t know why I put it like that. However, though I often wear tanks, I always wear them under shirts, so the top will not be visible enough for people to notice the uneven gathers.

I’m definitely not feeling well. I’m supposed to have the weekly Level 10 meeting with #1 daughter and a dental appointment, and I may have to cancel.