I worked 60 hours last week, logged by Rescue time, plus eight hours of meetings and started today with 5 hours of emergency help for a client — interspersed with shockingly rude texts from said client.

Just under 42,000 steps last week. Two half hour workouts over the course of the week. Six hours of sleep or less most nights. I skipped choir and the new yoga class I was planning to join, and church this morning, too. I went to the meeting I chaired this afternoon, but skipped another meeting I should have attended.

On the other hand, I got a lot done. Blogs are mostly out two weeks as they should be, and the current website could be launched now, even though the client is still making some decisions. I even finished sewing that pink top, cooked a proper meal most nights, and did a reasonable amount of housework.

I’m not going to do the same thing again this week. The extremely unappreciative client confirms me in that determination. She’s not an ongoing client. She’s not willing to pay us to take care of her website, but just calls or texts when she has complaints or problems. We always do what she asks, but she is about to wear out my patience.

That’s saying something.

But I’m exhausted and stressed out right now, and that’s a not a good beginning to next week. #1 daughter said to quit working — that was a couple of hours ago — and I’m going to stop now. Stretches, knitting, a Tylenol or two, maybe a cup of decaffeinated tea. Popcorn and a movie are a possibility.