This morning I felt very stressed. I don’t usually “feel stressed.” I have insomnia or pain in my shoulders or something long before I recognize a feeling of being stressed.

But I have been stressed, possibly by my stepfather’s death and the things we’re needing to take care of. I think grief would be a more admirable reaction, but I guess we can’t pick our feelings.

Anyway, I got right to work and spent 9 hours and a bit building pages and writing blog posts. By the evening, I felt better.

It was too late to cook much of a dinner by the time I quit work, but I made an omelette, a salad, half a grapefruit. It was tasty. I changed the sheets. My husband showed me a little nest something has been  making in his engine. He takes out the nest but the next week he checks again and there it is. I guess when begets home at 6:00 a.m. whatever is staying in our garage appreciates the warmth. It must be something small, like a mouse perhaps.

He also showed me a video of an elephant helping people look for a little girl who got lost in a sugar cane field. The elephant squeaked rather than trumpeted. Elephants are good for tracking because they have a good sense of smell, he said. They don’t step on people, either.