I have to admit that this has been a stressful week.

After last week’s meetings and errands, I started this week with ultrasound two days running. I found these two appointments unreasonably stressful. Basically ultrasound involves lying like a doll while someone smears gel on your body parts and manipulates them, scanning you with a sort of wand.

There was also a mammogram.

There were no surprises in the mammogram or the breast ultrasound. I’m fine. The renal ultrasound is less certain. I haven’t heard anything about the results. I suppose this means that there were no surprises there, either. Not that I am fine, but we knew that going in.

Also, my computer has the collywobbles. I have therefore spent the past few days working with a different computer, which means changing all my passwords because I can’t remember them. Also using a PC instead of a Mac, which requires small changes in my workflow all day long.

That adds hours to the workday.

Next week is Christmas. I have a cookie baking date with my bigger grandkids on Monday and #2 daughter and her fiancee arrive on Tuesday, so I really have to get ahead of my work this week.

Between the holiday, the medical appointments and the computer issues, I have felt very pressed for time. As a result, I have not exercised at all. I have not eaten perfectly, nor slept well. My blood sugar has been out of range three times.

I’m also enjoying myself. But my neck and shoulders are painful and I need to get back on track for my own well-being.

But I think this is a good day to feature a song about Christmas stress. Kelly Clarkson’s “Merry Christmas to the One I Used to Know” is about feeling sad at Christmastime. I don’t actually relate to this song at all, and it’s not that special, but here it is anyway.