vintage-ad Stress causes weight gain — in my case, 1.4 pounds this week. Partly this is because of hormones like cortisol and such, which regulate appetite and weight. But it also affects behavior.

For one thing, it’s hard to care when you’re feeling stressed. It takes a while for me to feel stressed, actually. When life is stressful for quite a while, I move through insomnia and headaches to mislaying things and forgetting stuff before I actually feel stressed.

Feeling stressed is unpleasant.

So when I actually get to the point of feeling stressed, I cannot pay attention to the Evil 6. It seems the height of triviality to think about whether something contains dairy or soy, and it seems quite possible that gluten and sugar would actually make me feel better.

I also have trouble taking the time to go to the gym, although it would probably make me feel better… Indeed, it might make me feel even better than pastry (aka gluten plus sugar) would.

I need to reduce the stress level in my life. That would make it more likely that I’ll be able to find my billfold, for one thing.