I have not yet finished with Simplicity 1467, nor have I begun with Butterick 5669. However, I have a bit of a pants situation.

I have a pair of jeans and a couple of pairs of drawstring pants, which I enjoy wearing but can’t sport at meetings or classes. The ones #1 daughter bought me are slightly too big — not enough to fall off, but the crotch is halfway to my knees and they have to be hitched up. All previous trousers are simply too big to be worn at all.

So I decided not to struggle with the classic trousers from B5669, but instead to try a pair of Elle pants. I have been reading about these hither and yon in the sewing blogs. They take just a couple of hours, they say, and fit everyone and look good on everyone.

Some interesting posts:

In the picture above you can see the pattern with a length of “woven/knit hybrid” fabric from Emma OneSock, one of the highly recommended fabrics for the pattern. I’ve put it next to the Fall SWAP print so you can see that it’s a useful neutral. I’ve also order some bengaline, the other recommended fabric.

I am hoping that they’ll be as fast and easy as everyone says.