Sugar Salt Fat

I’ve been reading Sugar Salt Fat by Michael Moss. I like books of this kind. I really enjoyed Salt by Mark Kurlansky , Candy Freak, Something from the Oven, Jello: A Biography, and The Botany of Desire, and really that’s just the beginning of what would be a very long list.

I like the combination of science, economics, and women’s history, and then of course marketing is always interesting. Moss’s book includes all of those.

I was reading all about the Cola Wars and the way soda producers — probably the most important villains in the saga of America’s descent into poor health next to cigarette makers — put their stuff by the supermarket entrance and to the right plus in various ambush areas. I had recalled, as I read, seeing sodas in supermarkets, so I was reading along thinking I had it clear in my mind.

Then #1 son asked me to make King Ranch Chicken for dinner and I had to go get some Evil 6 foods for the purpose. I walked into the grocery store and immediately was confronted by towers, walls, monuments made of soda.

I don’t drink or buy soda, so I guess I have always ignored it, but I am amazed that I was able to. Grocery stores are much more overt in their presentation of soda than any church I’ve ever entered is in its presentation of Christ. That includes the churches in Rome. Including the Sistine Chapel.

What is wrong with us?