I finished the skirt, so I have a spring suit complete. I scouted through my pattern collection till I found a very plain straight skirt with just two pieaces. I cut them from the wool and from the lining — the same lining fabric as I used for the jacket — and cut  a facing for the waistband. I hemmed it just above the knee and closed it with a zipper and a button matching the jacket.

It’s very nice with the print top.

Here’s a peek at the lining:


Spring SWAP 2014 progress:

  1. orchid jacket — cut and sewn
  2. orchid skirt — not yet cut
  3. violet top — cut and sewn
  4. green top– cut and sewn
  5. blue top — cut and sewn
  6. Sorbetto top — not yet cut
  7. orchid print skirt — cut and sewn
  8. orchid print top — cut and sewn
  9. sand pants — cut and sewn
  10. sand skirt — cut and sewn