Yesterday began with a bunch of changes for the Republican Party site we manage, based on the events of the RNC. Then a workman came to the door to tell me that he’d broken a gas line. My call to the gas company required telling my story to six different people.


All that got fixed just in time for me to race to the airport to pick up our keynote speaker for the conference. We had lunch at 11 (the name of the restaurant, not the time) with #1 daughter, lots of good talk, and dropped our guest off around 3:00.


A check from a client bounced while we were doing that, and I had to run put my own money into the business account to cover payroll.

Today is the start of the conference and I am absolutely not ready yet.

The summer garden remains calm through all of this. The vines are even beginning to climb the trellis I thoughtfully gave them.