July may seem a bit late to be setting summer goals, but I don’t think that I’ve really just set them; I think it’s more that I haven’t previously written about them.

10,000 steps a day, of course. I read yesterday that only 25% of people who start using a digital health tracking device like Fitbit are still wearing them a year later. I took mine off to shower after working out yesterday morning and forgot to put it back on. I did a second round of Wii Fit at lunch time and of course didn’t get Fitbit credit for it. I was dismayed. I guess if you always get lots of turquoise and orange days and never get to green, it would stop feeling like getting credit and start feeling like being shamed and nagged.

We’ll see.

I’m also taking the Learnables WordPress course. I can actually take other courses as well once I get through that one — unlimited for one month. I wish I had time to do more. So far I haven’t learned anything new, but I believe in cementing knowledge and I’m hoping that new things will arise as I go on through the course. I’m building several websites this month, so I should have multiple opportunities to practice.

I’m also doing a Summer Top Project. In previous STPs I’ve ended up with half a dozen summer tops which I then wear happily all summer and into the fall. I make tops from prints without feeling that they have to fit into a SWAP or even into my overall wardrobe (though the first top of STP2014 fits in beautifully).

This does bring up the question of whether I should do a Fall 2014 SWAP or not. On the one hand, I feel as though I have plenty of clothes. On the other hand, I also feel that I have an excellent plan. I found three beautiful knit prints, and I could do a Dress SWAP instead of a standard SWAP, something I’ve never done before. Fabrics collaged below, centered on gray and Pantone’s Sangria, with a bit of Pantone’s Cognac, since I would never make or wear a pair of pants in Sangria. Sangria in the upper left, Cognac at the bottom, and the others are fabrics I’ve found.


It’s amazing that I found these great fabrics, and also pretty great that this fall’s palette includes favorite colors of mine, so the temptation to try it is equally great.

And of course I am also working toward a consistent <50 hour work week with 80% productivity and 5 highly productive hours a day.

That’s a pretty good collection of summer goals.