Knit to Flatter with Amy Herzog is my third class of the summer, and it’s a great class. Herzog appears to have just two books in print right now, but I also own her Knit 24/7. I’ve ordered the book that goes with the class, too. The sweaters in that book are designed specifically to work with the shaping modifications Herzog describes in the class.

Chimera-6 draper

These are the two I’m thinking about: Chimera and Draper. I currently have two sweaters on the needles, but I may be making the wrong size for each, and neither is suited to the type of fitting I’ve learned in this class.


This is Lady Gansey from the book Wanderlust. I might be able to add waist shaping at the back of this, but I chose it specifically to have large swathes of stockinette to knit while on road trips. This sweater also has horizontal lines right across the bust, which is not actually what my figure type needs. On the other hand, it does have vertical lines in the upper section, which the class tells me is what I need.


This is Adiri. There is no way I can fit shaping into this lovely lace and cable pattern.

The class is very thorough about measuring and doing the math to get a great fit in your sweater. I will be doing this part this week. Then I can start with the back of the sweater and do the waist shaping

My waist size has gone down 3 inches this year, though I’ve only lost three pounds since New Year. If this continues, I may do the waist shaping in the front, but if not I know that I can skip waist shaping in the front and end up with a better fit.

I’m working on the One Row Lace Scarf until I finish it, I have The Little Boy’s quilt to make, and I’m saving the Lady Gansey for the next road trip. So I ordered a light-colored yarn at the KnitPicks summer sale to make Chimera (so the cables stand out), and I have a lovely dark-colored yarn that will make a nice Draper.

However, I also plan to buy a couple thousand yards of sport yarn in Colorado for a souvenir sweater. The timing may be just right to make one of the two sweaters with the souvenir yarn and enjoy the memories.