I’m a few lessons into my next Craftsy class. The instructor has a lovely accent and mad sewing skilz. The first thing you do in this class is to make a toile from calico — she’s Irish, I think — or, as we say in Hamburger-a-go-go-land, a muslin.

One should always make a muslin, just as one should always swatch, but naturally I balk at the idea and rarely do it. Instead, I’ll make a “wearable muslin” — a thrown-together version in a cheap fabric. Sometimes I don’t go on to make the real garment at all. I certainly don’t fit the muslin properly and then cut it apart and use it to make a perfect pattern, as I am learning in this class that I should do.

Here’s the fabric, a chocolate brown and rose Oscar de la Renta wool boucle tweed, along with the lining, the ribbon, and the braid. It should make a fine jacket.