The grandchildren start back to school on Monday, but I’m not through with my summer school yet. Summer school this year was Craftsy classes, and I have to admit that I added a few along the way, making my collection of Craftsy classes potentially too large for the summer.

I have to go out of town today, but I could watch the remaining classes over the course of the weekend if I am diligent about it.

Finishing all the projects for all the classes is out of the question.

The HGP doesn’t begin until the 28th, and Labor Day is another week on from then. Since I am not teaching this year, it may be reasonable to make Labor Day weekend my end of summer school.

Here’s where I am on my Craftsy classes:

  • Craftsy Class #1: Sew to Flatter/ Plan Your Best Wardrobe

I watched this one, read the book that goes with it, and have my fall wardrobe just about planned. I’ve bought the materials, and I intend to make Labor Day a serious sewing weekend and get much of the new SWAP done then.

  • Craftsy Class #2: Big Embroidery with a Small Hoop

This class was, frankly, a disappointment. However, it did help me get control of the embroidery machine. I won’t be making any of the projects from the class, but I will be making some embroidery projects — that’s my Christmas present plan this year.

  • Craftsy Class #3: Knit to Flatter

I loved this class. I bought the book, did all the measuring, and am currently making my first project from the class. I have several more planned. In fact, if I do indeed end up with a well-fitting sweater in the current project, this class will be reflected in all the well-fitting sweaters I make in the future.

  • Craftsy Class #4: The Weekend Duffel

This class makes me believe that I can make bags. I’m expecting the last bit of the bag materials to arrive on Monday, and I would really like to make the duffel bag this summer. I also have a bunch of other bags I want to make, including perhaps some for Christmas gifts. I don’t have the time scheduled yet, though.

  • Craftsy Class #5: Perfect Pizza at Home

This was a great class, and I made the pizza and the pesto with success.The infused oils might be nice holiday gifts, too, and I am sure that the class will make a longstanding improvement in my pizza-making.

  • Craftsy Class #6: The Iconic Tweed Jacket

I’m in the middle of this one. I don’t at all believe that I can make this jacket, but I am going to give it a try. I’ve bought the materials and I’ve been reading up on it in the sewing blogs, and I have the effort scheduled for October.

I actually have a couple more classes that I haven’t begun yet. I also have a lot of quilting left to do for the Little Boy’s quilt. I may try to watch all the remaining classes by Labor Day, and be ready to attempt the projects as time becomes available in the future.