I’m not summering in Colorado — #2 son is. We went out this morning for Eggs Benedict and discussed health and poverty, music and evolution, friendship and families. Nice.

Last night we got together with all the local family for gyros, salad, and ice cream. The kids were lively and playful, though well behaved. We heard about the Good Ol’ Boy’s hemp farming plans and the Ginger’s weight loss program.

After breakfast, I got to work and #2 son made arrangements for his summer.

The yarn from the alpaca farm arrived in the mail. Two large skeins of brown llama wool worsted and five small skeins of caramel colored alpaca. Natural colors. I intend to make #2 son a sweater vest for Christmas. I don’t know what I’ll do with the alpaca. Swatching will be the first step.

I got a good bit of work done, went to choir, and chatted with #2 son some more as he packed up his car. He’ll be heading to the mountains tomorrow, passing back through in a few months.

It’s such a pleasure to spend time with my family. I’m blessed.

I had a solitary evening and I feel better.