The seasons here don’t go Summer> Fall. They go Summer> Still Summer > Football.

Still, the peaches are the last great fruit production before the pumpkins come in for the fall… er, football season. I have to get another bag of them and bake a pie before it’s too late.

We were asked to bid again on SEO services for the local football team, and #1 daughter turned them down. We’ve had several large bids accepted and have a whole lot of work to do, and we weren’t slacking off before. Our own big internal project, due to launch September 1st, looks uncertain at the moment. I’m teaching my first class of the semester tomorrow.

On a more personal note, # 1 son arrives for a lengthy visit tomorrow, so I need to get his room ready tonight. I’m back at choir, I have a retreat coming up, I’m going out to dinner tonight, and I’ve had meetings and stuff every day since I got back.

It’s exciting.