It has been a hectic week.

Last Sunday I had three meetings at church. I took myself to lunch in a break between two of them, and came back to sit on a bench with this peaceful view. I got my week’s meetings and deadlines organized and was feeling fairly sanguine. I told myself that I had an exciting week ahead, that I had been engaged in interesting work and taking pleasure in travel and family time, that there were interesting prospects on the horizon and that I simply had to have the right attitude toward things to see my schedule in a positive light.


I spent just about 66 hours at the computer this week, starting as soon as I got home from that third meeting on Sunday. Those are the computer hours; the total doesn’t show the meetings. There were several phone meetings, but also a couple of physical meetings. At one, a doctor said he saw no point in any marketing investments besides the website and charitable sponsorships. I think he’s probably right. At another, a marketing exec rattled off acronyms and jargon with scarcely an ordinary word in it. I wrote down the most frequent buzzwords, figuring I could make sure her content included them. I didn’t have much to do in either meeting, but one was followed by lunch with Janalisa and the other by some long-overdue grocery shopping. I had other breaks from the computer — on Wednesday I met my dad for breakfast, had choir and waited in the parking lot for the church deer to move, and on Friday I had lunch with #1 daughter and a haircut — but my workdays lasted 11 or 12 hours.


11 or 12 hour workdays still leave eight hours for sleep and four for other things, and most days included 30 minutes of Wii fit and 30 minutes of reading plus meals and a shower and some family time. That’s not enough to get me even to orange on Fitbit let alone green.


It’s not enough non-work time for a clean house or time enjoying my garden or connecting with my husband. It’s not enough work time to finish my to-do list, either.

So here it is Sunday again and I have to leave for church shortly, still feeling behind. Also not feeling well.

I think that this is not a sustainable pace for me. Classes start in a week, the HGP starts the following week. I think I am going to recommit to the schedule I worked out for myself. I am going to give myself a 40 hour workweek this week, get to orange on Fitbit every day, sleep 8 hours every night, track my meals and make sure that I’m eating right. I’m going to check my email three times a day, not every time it makes a noise. I’m going to see what happens if I do that.

Calendar for 2014, August

Maybe next Sunday I will feel better.