Xanga is still not in the mood to post pictures, and I am sorry about that, because I finished the back of the T-shirt, and wanted to show you how nice the armscye decreases looked in Sinfonia. You will have to use your imagination, I suppose. I would recommend following the directions for that section, though, especially if you are using a mercerised cotton, because it is quite a pretty detail. Some folks, including the very witty Dweezy, are planning to rib instead of doing the hem, but I am glad of the hem, because I think it will help prevent the flaring at the bottom that cotton is sometimes prone to. However, Nona reports that most of the knitalong are still swatching, so it is not too late to begin.

Also use your imagination to see the Humorous Pirate Tableware, which I had intended to show to you. We are celebrating #1 son’s birthday today with a meal with my parents and a cake with a pirate on it. He has already received his gifts, which included the cool book Practicing Primitives which xanga will not allow me to show you. Computer improvements so often end up not being improvements at all — do I show my age by saying this?

I did manage the driving just fine; thank you all for your encouragement. I still have one more to do. Sort of like fairy tales, where you have to get past the dog with eyes like saucers, and then the one with eyes like dinner plates, and you’re just feeling chipper about that when you have to get past the dog with eyes like cartwheels. But by this time next week I intend to be finished with the whole process and fully cured. That sounds like a ham, doesn’t it? I’m fine with all the other stuff on my initial aversion list, though. Once I conquer the driving problems, I can just move on.

The curriculum fair was fun. I began with everything nicely arranged and soon was up to my knees in boxes, coffee cups, and shrieking children, which is rather like life. There are far too many similes going on this morning, but I am still fairly exhausted. I was greatly tempted by this and by this. #1 son had spoken idly at one point about perhaps wanting to homeschool next year, but in reality I have no more students at home, so I was strong and resisted the temptation.

I would like to say that the organizers of the fair, who kindly brought our meals to us so we could stay at our booths, arranged heart-healthy  meals of whole grains and veggies, and that I came home after each exhausting day and fixed myself an equally wholesome meal of grilled fish and salad, but this would be a lie. I snatched bites of taco salad in between heart-to-hearts with homeschoolers and searches for my calculator, pen, and order book, all of which inevitably ended up being set down in some unlikely place. I even ate a doughnut, because it was that or sausage rolls, and then came home and had the pizza left over from all the boys who were staying over. Today will include a restaurant meal and birthday cake.

Life will return to normal as soon as we determine what “normal” is.