Once again The Evil Mad Scientist is making cookies. The Evil Mad Scientist charmed me a couple of years ago with Fractal Cookies and now has made cookies reflecting 2D projections of 3D probability density maps of hydrogen atoms.

I got a kick out of the comments on the cookie press disks (“All of them seem fairly useless, with the possible exception of the electrical ground symbol” showing the Christmas tree upside down). However, I am completely amazed by the fact that they made their own cookie press disks.

I have a terrific cookie press, and I think it would be very snazzy to make your own disks. #2 daughter and I both have the same kind, the Pampered Chef model, and it has a nice selection of seasonal things like pumpkins and wreaths, plus one which is supposed to be an umbrella…

#2 daughter made a bunch of cookies with it for the office, and fortunately had a guy in her apartment when she began to pack them up, because apparently the cookies turn out to look like male genitalia.

You don’t always see these things yourself. #1 daughter pointed out to me once that my pretty little pale pink tea cakes with a pink icing rosette in the center looked like breasts. I had to change the decoration.

I’m not sure what #2 daughter did with her indiscreet cookies.

Anyway, you could probably do letters, Roman numerals, or animal faces if you don’t want hydrogen atoms. The Evil Mad Scientist explains how to do this with melamine plates, but also has the back up plan of  going to “popular online laser cutting services.” First I’ve heard of that.

Why an Evil Mad Scientist, you may be wondering, especially if they make cookies? Yesterday, after taking a check and a paper rocket to my designer and doing a little mild grocery shopping, I stopped in to get a book (I still haven’t found my kindle) at the bookstore. As I was checking out, one of the clerks said to the clerk who was helping me, “And I’m going to be the evilest cowboy ever!”

It seemed to me that the guy was setting the bar fairly low. How evil did cowboys get?

My clerk said they were pretty evil, grabbing land and all.

I have a couple of cowboys in my freshman comp class. They’re cowboys because they work on cattle ranches, but you can tell they’re cowboys. They’re quiet and sit very still most of the time, and seem as though they’d be able to handle emergencies really well but tend to blush when girls speak to them. Hardly evil at all, and really no signs of land grabbing. Guys who work in bookstores may not have a realistic idea of the life of the cowboy.

“It’s like being the evilest truck driver,” I objected. The guy should have gone with being the evilest mad scientist.

I think they didn’t take me seriously because I was buying a Jennifer Crusie novel. Still, it was perfect. I put away a lot of stuff around the house, read the book, took a nap, and made strategic plans. My husband came home from work upset because he had hit a deer which bounded across the highway as he was on his way to work. He is the kindest hearted man, and very nice to animals, even when he’s about to butcher them and eat them, so he was naturally quite upset by it, but I was glad there wasn’t more damage to him or the car. People around here often total their vehicles by hitting deer.

He took a nap, too. I got my work done for my Aussies. I might make cookies today, too. I think I am have some disks in my cookie press which look a lot like those hydrogen atoms.