Happy Easter!

I’m making a pie and a cake before getting to church at 8:00 a.m., which is a nice way to begin the day.

If you aren’t that big on early mornings, let me offer you this YouTube from the Onion, on possible solutions for annoyingly cheerful people.

My menfolks helped me clean house a bit yesterday, so I spent some time reading. It is possible that I should have worked, but I didn’t. However, having cleaned up my work area and filed everything made me feel as though I’d gotten some work done anyway. My work area looks relatively civilized now, though it still doesn’t match my fantasy office space. I read this book that suggested comparing your current spaces with your fantasy perfect spaces and then just adjusting the real one till they matched. I don’t know about that.

I’m not only giving you a glimpse of my relatively civilized office space, but also of my clean refrigerator, because that felt like an accomplishment. In the course of cleaning it, I discovered that I have half a dozen jars of pickles. I have no explanation for this… maybe it’s because we don’t eat pickles, so whenever I need some I go buy a new jar, not realizing that I already had jars in the back of the refrigerator.

We also have a jug of Red Diamond Sweet Tea, which nobody who lives here will drink. Maybe someone will drink it today at the Easter festivities. If not, I will have to find someone to give it to. Can you take a jug of Sweet Tea to a homeless shelter? Maybe I can take it to the church.

I also went out and did the shopping. I really dislike going shopping on a Saturday, and usually try to get it done early before the crowds appear. However, #2 daughter was telling me about her adventures in France, and that was worth facing the crowds for. So there I was in Target on a Saturday midmorning, in heavy shopping cart traffic, buying things like a drill and a bra. I needed to buy a new bra, I felt, because I have noticed that gravity is not my friend any more. Until recently, any wisp of lace would do so long as it had an underwire, but I think I may now need a bit of engineering. I probably should have a proper  fitting, or at least go to a store where you can try the things on, but instead I stood in the bra section at Target looking at the wares and trying to choose a serious one.

You know, it is not only your bosom and your bottom that slip a bit as you get older: your face does, too. I mean, parts of it actually slide down underneath the skin where you can’t see it happening, except that the countours of the face change and your eyes appear to be in a different spot. It’s not that your eyes have moved, but that the interior portions of the face have slid down.

And then, as you get older yet, more parts of your body slip down, too. However, by that time you’re over thinking about what you look like. I hope.

The other big thing that happened yesterday was that we got the financial aid announcement from the extremely expensive school #2 son wants to go to. He got a bunch of scholarships, and some government loans and even a grant, but it still is going to be a lot of money.

At the moment, I’m making kind of a lot of money, by my standards, at least, but I am not totally confident of keeping that up. I guess, if I continue making money like that and spending money as though I weren’t earning that much, we can have enough on hand to pay the tuition regardless.

So, as you can see, I have a variety of worldly things on my mind this morning. In a few minutes, I will leave my house (which smells wonderful — having someone come in and bake a pineapple upside down cake every day would beat out any scented candle on the market) for church, where perhaps I will develop some uplifting thoughts instead.