If you always read my xanga and have perfect recall, you may remember that the store I managed closed last year, and that shortly thereafter, a competitor opened a store here. You may even remember that we were somewhat bitter about it.

At the fair yesterday, I sat right next to the manager of that store. We had lots of opportunities to talk, especially since my colleague never showed up, and she became quite chatty. She’s a nice girl, who went to school with my daughters, and had always loved our store. That was in fact why she had wanted to manage our competition — all those happy memories of playing in our store as a child.

I was successful in what I had planned on doing. I left early, though, and was in time to go have my picture taken for the new church directory. It was an experience that really brought to mind a funny bit I once heard a woman about my age do — you can look in the mirror and feel that things are not that bad, she said, and then be shocked by your photograph. This is because we delude ourselves.

It was funnier the way she said it.

While I waited, I chatted with the church secretary. She told me that her live-in boyfriend is a Wiccan, while her family is Pentecostal Holiness. They are thinking of marrying, but if they do, then she thinks the most important thing will be a huge reception with lots of liquor. “I can’t stand these receptions where you just eat your cake and leave,” she confided. “If everyone is still at mine getting drunk at 2:00 am, I’ll feel like it was a successful wedding.”

I get the feeling that being a church secretary has not always been her career goal.4

When I got home, my husband was using my soldering iron to repair the lawn mower. Since it was out, I thought  I’d make some charms. I particularly wanted to try making smaller ones.

You will not be surprised to know that not doing this at all for a year or so has not caused my skill to improve.

I resolved, at that time, to spend more time working on my soldering skills, but in the light of morning it is hard to see where that time might come from.

I got a good bit of work done on my sock yesterday. I got a good bit done on the table runner last night. Today I will be at church from 8:15 ( for handbells) to noon, and then will go back for a meeting in the afternoon. I hope there will be some housework in between. I also have to call all the people I met yesterday and put all their information into my database. Then maybe in the evening I can continue with my needlework. I’d really like to finish something. I think #1 son’s headband is the only needlework project I have actually finished this year.

I did also learn yesterday (from an out-of-town vendor who has been attending those NSSEA roundtable sessions which I have not but probably should have been attending) that our online store is, by industry standards, wildly successful. I can’t decide whether this is a good news or not.