It’s Palm Sunday. I’m singing at two services at two churches, so I’ve had to get up very early in order to get my Australians settled before church.

This is because I really didn’t feel like working yesterday, so I didn’t.

I made a rather shapeless green silk charmeuse nightgown, since it should soon be too hot for flannel, and planted squash and peppers again with the idea that it will soon be hot, and sewed all the seams of a dress which I might have ready for Easter, and did the grocery shopping, and talked with my daughters, and sat out on the patio and read in the sunshine, and cleaned house a bit, and drank some of the Snow Dragon tea while idly watching basketball with #1 son — everything, as you can see, except working.

I haven’t kept a good Lent and I’m going into Holy Week with no plans beyond the usual Sunday church attendance. Odd for a church musician.  I don’t even have plans for Easter.

Looking back in my xanga, I can see that I used to be rather good at daily life. Now, with the third anniversary of my self-employment upon me, I think I need to recapture that.