I was invited to apply for this job at oDesk:
– You must be from the US and a native English speaker—no exceptions no matter how good your writing is!
– You must be able to produce 10 articles daily
– NO writing teams; the work tends to be inconsistent and too many excuses come from teams of writers!
– We pay $3 an article–so the fixed price would be for 333 articles in total. If working relationship is good there will be more work.
– Work must come back edit free, on time, and ALL instructions must be followed completely
– If you are doing well we will have consistent work for you
-Do not bother to respond if you don’t meet all the requirements…again no foreign writers!! ”

What’s funny is that I had just the day before responded to a question at the forum asking how we decided which jobs to apply for. My example of the type of job I wouldn’t apply for was just like this one — bulk articles at ridiculous rates (this job specifies Americans, so they’re offering half our minimum wage, assuming we write the desired 10 articles in an 8 hour day) with scolding messages.

I wonder whether the guy saw my forum post and is showing his sense of humor here…

Apart from reading (and rejecting) that one invitation, I didn’t work yesterday. I frogged the Oat Couture Bijoux Blouse, which I knitted a few years ago and never wear. Last week I frogged the nice Japanese wool yarn I was knitting up into colorwork from Poetry in Sitches. I haven’t yet frogged Salt Peanuts, but it may come — the collar still doesn’t lie right, however firmly I block it.

This means I have a lot of yarn. I need to choose a suitable project.