This was yesterday’s breakfast. Blueberry sauce and sliced strawberries to pour over the pastry, and a quiche full of vegetables.

We ate this while discussing our book club questions, and then went to pick up #2 son from his sleepover.

A trip to the phone store, where we eventually gave up on porting my phone number over to my new phone. If you ever call me, I’ll be calling you at some point so you’ll have my new number.

I also have to go all over the web and change the number. Not that people call me, or that I want anyone to call me, but there it is.

Following this adventure we went out for a business meeting/lunch, where we made much progress on our plan. Then the girls went to hang out with friends, while I read a bit, and then came the concert.

Arkenboy joined us. He and I were standing in the doorway talking about something, I forget what but it must have been fascinating, while the rest of the family got dolled up for the concert, and then we walked on out, discussing which car we’d take, and they dropped me off at the stage door.

I strolled in and met the house manager, who said, “Where’s your music?”

Yes, I had actually arrived at the concert hall without my music.

I borrowed the house manager’s phone and #1 son brought it to me, getting it there right before we started the warming up. Following that nerve-wracking moment, all went well.

Warming up, apart from us, sounds like those magnified recordings of insects, or the sound from a pond in the early morning in spring, or wake up time at the zoo. The soloists in their dressing rooms contribute vocal parts, and the instrumentalists go ahead and play bits of stuff all at once. It’s absolute cacophony.

But the chorus warms up all together, so it can sound pretty good, to the extent that scales ever sound good. Then we go through the score, back to front, doing four notes at a time from all the little places where the choirmaster felt worried about us. “Wir weg! Wir weg!” and we all stop, and then perhaps “Selig sind…selig sind” and then a bit of verschlinging and “ihr mir dar” and then we head off down the hall to the performance.

The concert seemed pretty good from where I was standing, the soloists were very good, we had a standing ovation, and then we went home and ate drive-through burgers, sitting on the floor.

Notice the preponderance of rich foods and lack of walking or gym visits.

#2 daughter and I got up at 4:15 this morning so she can get to work on time, and I have a couple of church services to do.