Yesterday’s handbell clinic was long, and I did indeed work hard. We were all exhausted by the end. I assume that the college choirs who came in from other parts of the state went and got out of their concert gear and then hit the nightclubs, but us middle-aged people were knackered by the end.

My favorite part was the singing bells, where you run a stick around the outside of the bell to make unearthly humming sounds. With lots of bells involved, it sounded extremely cool.

Our clinician was a cowboy. The D4 summed it up: “Tight jeans, billowy shirt, long curly hair, mustache, boots.” The guy looked like Wild Bill Hickock. And is a handbell director and composer,

We had bandanas and BBQ and and other Western accoutrements.

#1 daughter came to town, and she and #1 son went to a crawfish boil. #2 son went to play ultimate frisbee. And thus is was that the house was empty when I came home. I sprawled on the couch with a book.