A miniature yellow rose here, but I also have roses blooming in the garden– way early.

Faust was the winner this year. Gorgeous blooms, but essentially the same as the ones I’ve shown you in previous years.

The picture below is #1 daughter’s new puppy. He won’t hold still for pictures.

It’s been a remarkable week in many ways: strange experiences. I have a celebrity client who shouted at me over the phone for half an hour, a government client who wants to talk about Workmens Compensation (in case of… carpal tunnel syndrome, maybe?), a couple of sites that should have been safely launched by now and aren’t, and way more work to do than I actually have time for.

We finished our season with the Master Chorale, though. Nice concert, and then La Bella and her husband took me to dinner at this place. The website’s kind of fun to play with.

The puppy is fun to play with, for our big dogs. Toby pushes him around with his nose, like a ball. It isn’t yet clear whether the puppy enjoys this or not, so we’re limiting the experience, but I think they’ll be friends.

Between work and the concert, I haven’t managed to do things like housework, grocery shopping, or laundry this weekend. I assume I’ll get around to those things after church today, so that I can start the week with some degree of civilization.

I’d also like to do things like reading, quilting, taking a nap, baking… those are less likely.