We had the odd experience last week of being featured at the Google doodle — that is, when someone clicked on Google’s special logo for the day, we came up top choice. We had 45,553 visits in 24 hours. Those who use Google Analytics will appreciate that this completely messed up my plan to use our live analytics at a presentation I’m doing at a conference this summer.

Our webhost had to go buy two new CPUs.

With that excitement finished, I’ve been enjoying a lovely spring weekend, planting the early seeds and scrubbing surfaces. Did a little knitting, as well.

This morning I went to church where the choir director described our song as having “African” words. Fortunately, someone asked what language it was in. He said, “African,” but I jumped in and answered “Xhosa,” which was the truth. I felt better. We sang it right before a sermon which combined “Blindness” with the history of “Amazing Grace,” which was written by a reformed slave trader. It was quite interesting.

Afterward, I was in the choir room with one of the sopranos, and we bid farewell to one of the perky little college girls on her side of the choir loft.

“She’s such a sweet little thing,” the lady said to me, and we watched through the picture window as she walked to the parking lot, contemplating her sweetness in silence.

The wind came up and flipped up her tiny skirt, revealing a completely bare bottom. We said nothing about her having mooned the choir after church — during Lent, yet — and just moved on to other things.

When I got home, #1 daughter was there. We like to cook ahead on Sundays for the week, packing up little parcels of each dish for her single girl freezer and larger parcels for my family freezer. Today, however, it was too hot, so we made lip balm and lotion bars and bubble bath.

Throughout this fun endeavor, we were getting messages from a new student designer we hired a week and a half ago to do a little job for us. He hasn’t done anything visible, and we’ve been sending him polite little “How’s it going? Need any help?” kinds of messages. At last, he admitted that he couldn’t do the job, so #1 daughter and I were sending out cries for help. #2 daughter got us someone, and she appears to be working on our job successfully right now. We haven’t asked her what she’s going to charge, so we’re hoping it won’t be too far out of our price range.

Apart from the multiple emails, calls, and text messages required by this little adventure, though, we didn’t talk about work at all. We discussed gardening, and people, and whether it is ever correct to be judgmental of anyone, and stuff like that.

At last, smelling absolutely ravishing, we finished up and cleared away our tools and I got back to my knitting. I sat outside for a bit (carefully balancing the need for vitamin D with concern about skin cancer), and now am heading off to bed with my Kindle.

I honestly don’t know whether I’ve managed to give up multitasking for a week or not. I have been so insanely busy that I haven’t noticed.