Yesterday’s vendor table.

There were some distinctly fun things about yesterday. It was nice to be among large quantities of physical books again. People would come up and pet them, and pull them out happily to read them and talk with me about them. That was a pleasure of working in a bookstore that my current job doesn’t have.

I met nice people and saw old friends. I was there on behalf of one of my clients and another was there across the hall, so I got quite a bit of work done. If you eavesdrop on people in my field, you will hear a good bit about dragging the content out of clients, and it’s all true. Being able to look at their stock and hold direct conversations can help.

On the other hand, carrying eight boxes of books from the parking lot to the building and then carrying most of them back out again is hard work. It was a ten-hour day, and I was on my feet for most of it. And I was tired to begin with. Also, it was a child care conference and I had a collection of books about “going potty,” and therefore I had people coming up all day and sharing the details of their children’s potty experiences. I don’t get why people do this, but they always do. I made every effort to look interested.

So when I stopped off at the Sprint store afterwards, I was not at my sweetest and nicest.

#2 daughter and I went there last week to arrange to switch from her being on Sprint and me under the old store’s plan at AT&T, to having both of us on the Sprint Family Data Plan. This would be cheaper, but involved buying Blackberries. However, they were offering us a great discount. The Blackberries were not actually in the store, but would be soon. The switch was to take place on April 3rd.

It didn’t happen. I went in to check, and was told that I needed to bring in three pieces of information. I should have been told that in the first place, but what the heck. I got the information and raced in at the last moment after yesterday’s conference, only to learn that the Blackberries wouldn’t be available, possibly for months.

So we’re paying for the Sprint Family Data Plan, but can’t use it. And I may be without a phone  in between times — but maybe not. The guy at the desk couldn’t tell me.

“Do I have a problem?” I asked him. “If it’s just a question of waiting for the phone, that’s not a problem. But if I’ll be paying for two phone plans, or not having a phone at all, then this is something that I should have been told on the previous occasions when I was in here.”

The workers looked helpless.

“So what do you plan to do at this point?” I asked. “You were going to call me when they arrived, but if I won’t have a phone, that won’t work.”

“I don’t know,” the guy said. And that was the final word on it.

However, my phone does appear to work still, so I guess the worst-case scenario is paying double phone bills.

I have a solo this morning, for Palm Sunday. Then I have a meeting and a rehearsal, simultaneously, during the Sunday School hour. I will therefore not be discussing work and rest during Sunday School. I have an overwhelming amount of stuff to do, and I’m still seriously tired. Or maybe I don’t have an overwhelming amount of stuff to do. Maybe I just need to make a nice list and put things on my calendar in orderly fashion, and then I will see that I just have enough to do, not too much. That could happen.