Let’s talk about WIPs — Works in Progress. Here you can see Erin, the lovely Alice Starmore sweater on which I achieved three rows last night.

Erin has been hanging around for two years now. I also have a two-year old quilt, and a year-old quilted table runner. All still In Progress.

Normally, I can make a quilt or a sweater in about six weeks. Indeed, I have actually made runners and sweaters in six week periods over the past couple of years. I don’t really know whey these particular WIPs are still languishing in the WIP pile. It isn’t that I’ve gotten tired of them or decided against finishing them.

I did finish some things yesterday.

 I made a couple of pounds of soap. We were running out of soap — all we had left, in fact, was manly-scented soap. While I like those scents a lot, I don’t want to smell like them. I even looked quickly while I was grocery shopping to see whether any reasonable quality soap could be had for less than the cost of making it.


So I decided to use recipes from the nice Melt and Pour Soapmaking book

The yellow stuff has honey and shea butter. There are some with jasmine, ginger, and tea. There is some rose-scented soap with olive oil. There is one with cinnamon. There are also some plain glycerin soaps with Grass Stain and Stargazer Lily.

I think we are set for a while.

I also dug the garden. I have the blisters to prove it.

This doesn’t mean we can now plant the garden. My husband is strict about soil preparation. We don’t plant till the 4 garden is gorgeous. I have been trying to persuade #1 son that he should do the next round of work on it.

“It doesn’t make any difference to me whether we have a garden,” he said, “whereas you like the garden.”

Again, the suggestion that  only the person who wants the chores done should have to do them.

However, I have this sweater, runner, and quilt I haven’t gotten any work done on. I think, especially given his sassy remark, that I will probably have to spend the afternoon working on those.