Here are Siv’s sleeves, at an earlier stage of life. They are now finished, at last. And here is the front, also at an earlier stage. I am now at the point of finishing. There may be people who enjoy finishing their knitted garments. It is not that different from sewing, after all, and I enjoy that. But the finishing of a sweater always seems fraught with peril. One bad seam, or an ill-fitting armscye, and all your lovely knitting is for naught. And knitted pieces don’t behave like fabric, and cannot be cut (yes, I know people do it, but I am not one of them).

Thus the popularity of the seamless garment, and that may be what I do next. A traditional Aran, an old-fashioned sock or hat — you will never find seams there. As Elizabeth Zimmerman rightly points out, seams in knitting are unnatural. It makes far more sense to knit the thing into the right shape in the first place. But it is too late for that with Siv. Nevermind. I love the color and the cables, and it may turn out just fine.

I am doing the body seams in mattress stitch and the others in back stitch. I will leave the sleeve caps till last, put the thing on, and pin them properly in place before I sew them. The Siv sleeves, in spite of assiduous frogging and careful counting as I re-knitted, ended up with a distinctly rhomboid shape and longer than I would have chosen to make them. I am told that drop sleeves are no longer in style, and #2 daughter has shown me pictures of models with their fingertips just peeking out of their sleeves, so it may be a fashion issue, but I will definitely adapt the sleeves if I make this pattern again.