Yesterday we hit the farmers market for peaches and squash and cukes, and also worked on our public art posts.

Then we had lunch, and talked about arguments.

The girls were saying that they liked bickering. They enjoy those fast-paced arguments over whether Android or iPhone is better.

Not I. I like a lively discussion about something so abstract that there is clearly no right answer. The nature of altruism, for example.

#1 daughter was right on that. “I’m not altruistic,” she said, “and I’m not sure that anyone is.” She brought out a number of salient points, but she also seemed to be contradicting herself.

“But there,” I objected, “you’re describing actions that are altruistic.”

She pointed a finger at me and fixed me with a gaze that said, “this clinches it!” I waited with bated breath for the laser-like response that was clearly on its way.

“That,” she said triumphantly, “is because I don’t know what that word means!”

That was the end of that argument, of course.