Fitting and Organizing

organizing jewelry Yesterday began with a nice rainstorm, so I didn’t go to the farmers’ market. I went to Target in search of some aids to organization, and a filter for my range hood.

Once I was on a mentoring committee for someone. The goal was to keep her from losing her job. We weren’t successful in this, I’m sorry to say, largely because she wouldn’t let us help her.

If you ever are so much in danger of losing your job that you are given a mentoring committee, remember that they are on your side. Their assignment is to keep you from losing your job. Refusing to allow them to look at your lesson plans and ignoring all their advice is unwise.

Anyway, one of the other committee members said to me in exasperation one day, “She knows she needs to get organized, so she buys shelves!”

I’ve always remembered that. I recognize the temptation, after all. You feel like having this wonderful organizing tool will cause you to be organized. There are other variations, too. Buying cool workout gear will cause you to become fit. Buying new cleaning supplies will cause your house to become clean. Buying new makeup will make you beautiful.

None of these things works, by the way.

But there are times when an organizing tool is valuable. I bought some hangers. They are on special right now for Back to School, so this is a good time to get them if you need some. I also was in search of an earring container of some kind. I found my little lost earring box, which I had filled up with my homemade earrings. However, while it was lost, I had made more. So there I was with more earrings than space for them. You really can’t just keep your earrings in a drawer. They need sorting. So I went to find a box with multiple compartments.

I now have so many earrings, thanks to my jewelry-making spree, that I couldn’t find a box with sufficient compartments.

However, I did find this metal mesh desk organizer. You can hang your earrings in the mesh, and still have some 8 boxes to put other jewelry in.

Then I did a nice healthy grocery shopping and came on home to sew.

I made this tropical rayon top. It hung overnight so I can hem it today.

#2 daughter has told me repeatedly that tropical prints are out of style, and also not to wear anything that looks as though it could go on a sofa. I love tropical rayon, and this was a remnant going for practically nothing, so I ignored those instructions.

The pattern for this is Butterick 3383, a woven T shirt and tank top. I’ve made the tank top successfully a couple of times. I intended to make it again from this fabric.

However, I saw immediately that there was enough fabric in the remnant to make sleeves. How could I throw it away?

I have made this woven T-shirt several times. Most recently I made it in hot pink stretch poplin. It was on sale for $1.99 a yard, and I got it to make the tank top. When I cut this large enough at the bust, it is too wide at the shoulder. That’s not a problem with the tank top. With the current style of little bits of gathering at the center of tops, I’ve just been gathering the excess in at the front. That doesn’t really suit this particular top. It didn’t suit the pink one, either. It ended up looking like a nightgown.

The question is: why, knowing that this pattern is just flat out not going to fit me, do I continue making it? This is not the TNT concept. you’re supposed to make a muslin, fix all fitting problems, then make a perfect one in your fashion fabric (as the seamstresses say) and from then on you can make up that pattern with confidence ever more, finding it easier every time. You are not just supposed to make a pattern repeatedly because you’ve found it easy, and repeat the same fitting errors each time.

After making this and trying it on and finding that it didn’t fit and doing the gathers, I cut the pink one down into a V8503 tank top. I may do the same with this one as well.

After church, I plan to hem this tropical top, and do the new edges of the pink one as well. I have a meeting this afternoon, but there should be time in there to doa bit more sewing.

I intend to make this tunic. It has darts. I don’t like darts. For one thing, they’re hard. For another, they seem to me to draw attention to the bosom. But they do provide a better fit for the buxom.

Once I’ve made this one, I will have used up all the terrifically cheap fabric I snagged at that fabric sale. It may then be time to plan myself a new SWAP.






4 responses to “Fitting and Organizing”

  1. princess_smartypants Avatar

    We had a rainstorm yesterday, too, but I did go to the Farmer’s Market.  I considered myself quite brave.  It doesn’t rain long here, though, so it ended up being a successful day.

    I often make something once, do not like how it turned out, bemoan the way it turned out, and never make it again.

  2. ozarque Avatar

    That earring-storage gadget is wonderful; if I had anywhere at all that I could put one of those I’d buy one instantly. And of course the earrings are beautiful….

  3. lostarts Avatar

    I like that jacket pattern!

    If you’re like me, a bit big in the bust, that kind of jacket is great. If you wear something that’s cut straight and not a little bit fitted, you just look like a tent because the top/jacket just hangs straight down from the bust.

    I look at that pattern and I want to turn it into a sweater!

  4. fibermom Avatar

    @lostarts – Oh, that would make a great sweater! The sleeves are cut in a single piece with the bodice, which would work well for knitting.