8 I completed one of the fronts of the little kimono jacket I’m making for a forthcoming baby while watching Hot Fuzz.

The boys put that movie on our Netflix list, and I wasn’t expecting to find it amusing. I didn’t even plan to watch it. But after a busy day at the store yesterday, it seemed like just the thing.

It was very funny. There is a lot of gore and violence, which gives a person good opportunities to do any complex shaping on the knitting or get up and make a cup of tea. But it is not realistic violence. It is spoof violence. And I just found the whole movie very funny. Perhaps my favorite line was, “You just can’t commit that kind of carnage and mayhem without incurring considerable paperwork.”

My favorite part of the baby sweater so far is the edging.edging detail

It’s an all-K selvedge, with YOs on the front, surrounded by paired decreases so that you get a gently sloping edge and a row of beading. I don’t know if something will eventually be threaded through this or not, but I think I’ll be using it in future for a neckline with a ribbon.Very pretty.

The sweater itself is tiny. The piece you see is not blocked, so the sides are rolling in and the shape is lost, but I can tell you it is very small. Chanthaboune thinks you can whip out a baby sweater in an afternoon, and she is wrong, but it seems likely that this one will be finished in time for the baby, if not in time for the shower.

I don’t go back to the store till Tuesday, so that will help.

I am a goal-oriented person. My major life goals have been dominated for the past couple of decades by the great big one of producing four terrific human beings, but I still like to have smaller goals to work on.

In the month of August, I normally have as my primary goal “get everyone back to school without losing my sanity.” All other goals for August have to be small and desultory. This year, I am also working on SWAP Part III, though not at any great speed. Last year, the Summer Reading Challenge went through the month of August. The year before that, I had the goal of reading all the blogs in the Knitting Bloggers Ring, of which I was a member at the time. I linked to the best ones I found.

So some mornings I have clicked back a couple of years on my xanga to see what great knitting blogs I should have been reading. I have rediscovered some that I will enjoy reading again when I have time. I have seen a lot of pictures of yarn, which seems to be what has taken over the knitting blogs recently. But I have been surprised by how many of them are just — gone.

These were not sites where someone once wrote about her visit to the mall and then never came back. These were good blogs. Now abandoned.

I read at Sphinn that 79% of all the blogs on the net are inactive. You read about why people blog — there have been studies on it — but I haven’t read about why people stop blogging.

I write one blog because I am paid to (last week that blog had more visitors than this one), and I suppose I would quit doing it if it stopped being part of my job, but I think I would miss it.

This blog is my daily journal. I’ve always had one, at least since I was 10 or so. I used to do it on paper instead of on the computer. It is a habit, but it is also a discipline. If I didn’t have a computer, I would just go back to paper.