So yesterday, along about midafternoon, #2 daughter showed up at the store with a pizza-sized chocolate chip cookie and iced tea.

You understand, all of us workers are whole grains and fresh produce eaters. We had salmon and lentils for lunch.

Did we turn up our noses at the chocolate and caffeine? By no means. We all ate little bits. The Empress pointed out that no one had cut a proper piece, but instead we had all carved off little snippets. The Princess said that as long as you didn’t take an actual piece, it didn’t count. I am not certain that lipids are subject to geometry in this way.

The health benefits of chocolate are well documented. And there is evidence that chocolate makes people — especially women — feel good, too. But the enormous improvement in our collective mood following the consumption of a little chocolate and caffeine was — well, perhaps a little beyond rational explanation.

Perhaps not, though. The cookie said, “Well Done!” on it. It was cheering to think that someone cared enough about us to go to all that trouble, just to encourage us. Has anyone checked to see whether chocolate has mood-enhancing effects independent of how it is acquired?

All this made me think about whining. I try hard not to whine too much, especially during August when whining seems more natural than usual, but sailing through the knitting blogs as I have been has made me think a lot about whining.

Friends, there is a whole lot of whining going on out in knitting blogland.

I do not include in this the people who use their blogs to chronicle their cancer treatments, nor those whose blogs focus on sociopolitical  Weltschmertz (like “pants,” this is another good word from Sushi for Beginners). I am talking about good old-fashioned self-centered whining.

Now I think that there are two valid points of view on this matter. First, these blogs are our journals, our diaries even, and if we can’t whine here, then where can we whine? Our friends and families sure don’t want to hear us carry on about how some yarn splits or the phone company wasn’t helpful. It’s our blog, and we can whine if we want to. People who don’t want to see girls swearing about knitting needles can go somewhere else, that’s all.

The other viewpoint is that we are in public, and don’t we know how to behave? If even our friends do not want to hear about every passing dissatisfaction, why should strangers who dropped by in hopes of seeing some cool knitting be subjected to them?  If you feel a little delicate, you can write about it privately someplace. And if you feel hard done by whenever you receive the universal thump, then you should get over it. In private.

I’m offering you alternatives here.

I also offer you some bloggers who are amusing about the vicissitudes of their lives. No whining in any of these.

She just walks around with it is another of those knitting blogs with no visible knitting content. It is also another of the growing genre of knitting blogs by single adult women living in moderate misery. It is a good example.

Crazy Aunt Purl shouldn’t be on this list because I’ve mentioned her before, but she is certainly the funniest of the afore-mentioned genre.

I don’t think that The Knitting Curmudgeon is in the webring, so maybe she shouldn’t be on the list either. But she is sort of the matriarch of the bad-tempered knitters. It seems rude to leave her off. She also has interesting and unusual takes on knitting topics.

Creative Soul Confessions writes bravely and with a lot more self-disclosure than I ever do. I got caught up in her adventures. She doesn’t post very much — fair warning — but she has a nice gallery.

Dilettante Debutante isn’t dealing with much in the way of vicissitudes, but has a nice turn of phrase for ladylike disdain. This is rare, these days, so why not celebrate it? She also has actual knitting content.

Grumperina is a xangan like us. She gives you the choice of her very grumpy life blog (truthfully, there is some whining going on there) or her merely slightly grumpy knitting blog with lots of nice pictures. You can choose according to your mood of the day. This is quite considerate, isn’t it?

And I must refer you to someone else not in the webring: Mrs. Pilkington Knits.  She is not writing about her troubles, either. I mention her just because there is so much interesting stuff over there.

I am not working today. In fact, today and tomorrow should be an oasis of pleasantness. Tuesday, #2 daughter leaves to resume college life and I must take #2 son to the dentist, Wednesday I have a root canal scheduled, Thursday #1 son wants to go try his drivers test again and if he doesn’t succeed, we will have to deal with complex transportation problems, and all these things take place against a backdrop of continuing Back to School. But today and tomorrow are days off, to be spent getting our own Back to School preparations done. Without whining.