I spent several hours yesterday scrubbing things and a couple of hours working and sewed a pair of pants (all but hems and fastenings, and then I decided to have a look at the knitting blogs of yore.

“Knitting blogs of yore?” That’s worse than “astronauts in the old days,” which   #2 son once said.

I just mean that five years ago or so I spent August reading all the knitting blogs in the knitting blog ring to which I belonged at the time, and I linked to the good ones here at my blog. So I went back there and clicked on a bunch of links to see what the knitters are up to these days, because I am not only out of the ring, but out of the loop as well.

Mostly, they have stopped knitting. A lot of them have also stopped blogging. Generally, if they aren’t just showing pictures of pets, they’re cooking.

So I begin this post with cooking. Last night’s dinner was chicken with almond-mint pesto, roasted butternut squash, and assorted fresh produce.

This is from the magazine Every Day with Rachael Ray, which has a feature this month where you cook five things for the freezer and end up with basic “building blocks” for lots of fresh meals. Chicken and roasted vegetables are two of them, and I now have them in the freezer. Today, I intend to get the others into the freezer, and perhaps this will help me be better about dinner.

I have a tendency to feel that there is no point in cooking just for myself, now that all the kids are gone. This is a bad tendency which must be overcome. But my husband comes home from work  around 4:00, which is way too early for me to eat dinner, and he eats when he gets home, so it’s just me.

This shouldn’t mean there’s no point in cooking. It should mean that I can have all the vegetables I want without fear of whining. That’s what I’m aiming for.

The other picture here shows my new trousers with one of the tops from the Summer Top Project. This is the same pattern I used for the coffee brown pair (no pockets) in a cotton and Lycra twill which I quite like. There was enough for a skirt, too, so I hope to get that made today in order to get back on schedule with my sewing. I also have more things to scrub and more work to do.

It was cooler here yesterday — really gorgeous in the morning, in fact, and not bad at all in the afternoon, so I spent some time outdoors. The Four o’ Clocks bloomed for just a few minutes, showing their pretty freckled throats — not long enough to catch a photo, but for a little while at least. It was nice.