Yesterday was a work day. I’ve nearly finished one of the two online classes I have to do (leaving aside the one I was supposed to do for KSURF and haven’t yet completed. FreshPlans continues to have affiliate sales every day, but the traffic is beginning to tail off a bit. We rode the crest of the “classroom themes” search wave, and now it’s time to look at the incoming waves as they start, to guess which one will be the best one to catch next. Educational sites usually see traffic fall by half between August and September, but we’re hoping to avoid that.

We have a large job coming up and a meeting for it on Tuesday, so I’m trying madly to get all the school-related stuff done and out of the way early in the week. We need more large jobs to come up behind it if we’re to to reach the salaries we’ve determined for me and #1 daughter and get the boys’ tuition bills paid.

But I’m also going to do the Holiday Grand Plan, beginning August 29th. I’ve skimped on that for the past couple of years, but I like what it does for my life when I do it. A clean and tidy house, observation of seasonal celebrations, and a good start to the new year, basically.

A theme I have coming up this term is global warming. It’s a topic in my new textbook for the writing classes I teach, and my dept chair suggested doing more of a project with a shared topic, so I picked that. I have read quite a bit on the subject and have several good books about it to use as resources.

I’m a little worried about the controversial nature of the topic; I know that people can get nutty over it. However, it’s very hard to find a subject worth writing about that nobody will get nutty over, so I just have to hope I don’t have especially nutty classes this term.

Then I won a credit at oDesk, which we plan to use to hire our fave graphic artist to make a cool math reproducibles packet for FreshPlans. #1 daughter and I discussed the best theme to use for it, and she came up with the effects of global warming on sea creatures. We’re leaning toward doing a seal/polar bear thing, since I have a couple of good stories about shape-shifting seals and polar bears to work with, though these are aquatic mammals and not precisely “sea creatures.”

I tried to find a good crustacean story, and #2 daughter came up with The Crab Prince, a fairy tale of surpassing weirdness. There is also The Sea King’s Daughter, a more cohesive story but one in which it’s very hard to see any possible connection with global warming.

Something to think about…