The girls both arrived on Friday night, and we got started with our business meeting. The object is to get all the planning finished this weekend so we can get everyone to work on Monday. #2 daughter had already been working for me for about a month, and got her first paycheck yesterday. Now we need to get #1 in, without reducing my income to the point where I can’t cover the boys’ tuition.

I have four websites about to launch, two with The Computer Guy, and two for which I’ve been the project manager as well as the copywriter. This is about what I’ve been doing for the past season — four websites a month. My income on these has ranged from nothing (this summer has seen the completion of two of the pro bono jobs I took on last August, and I assure you that’s not my fault) to several hundred dollars. #1’s job is going to be to keep us doing four websites a month smoothly, without my having to work 65 hours a week.

We walked through the processes on the current websites, and #1 assures me that it doesn’t have to be that complicated. We’ll see. I hope she’s right. It’s very simple when I do content for one of the firms I work with. Not when it’s me taking one of my clients to The Computer Guy, as this month’s two have been, but when he hires me to write a site that he’s building, or when The Northerners do so, then I just have a pleasant afternoon’s work and make a couple hundred.

#1 also thinks I should raise my prices. I’ve agreed to some extent. I’m not ready to raise my hourly rate — I’m right about average for my profession — but I’m prepared to let her turn some unbillable hours into billable ones.

If we had capital for our business, it would clearly be a good thing to hire her right away at a salary and let her use her skills to grow the business. As it stands, we’ve agreed to a modest sum, the same as I’m paying #2 daughter, per project. She’ll have unbillable hours just as #2 and I have, and by next year we may all be reaping the benefits.

We also got haircuts yesterday, and spent some time giving advice to the hairdresser, who ought to have a website, and then we went to lunch with my parents.

That was fun, as always. We had the kids on one side of the table and the parents and grandparents on the other side, so I got to admire my kids and think how smart and handsome they all were throughout lunch.

I don’t think I’m bragging here. We all think our kids are handsome and smart, right? It’s adaptive.

However, I am going to brag a little. I got my evaluations from the spring term. They had arrived in the mail while I was gone. I’m going tomorrow to discuss them with the program chair. I got really good evaluations, and cheering comments. I read some of them out to the kids, I was so excited about it, but the kids were neither interested nor impressed. Canadian National shared her comments today, though, and I know that you can leave if you don’t want to read this, so I’m going to share some of my favorites with you:

“She has been by far the best teacher I’ve ever had.”
“I highly recommend this teacher. She pushes the students to write. She does this in the best way imaginable: by giving us hope and confidence.”
“She made learning fun and easy.”

This is going to make my meeting tomorrow less stressful, even though I do have to drive up there on the freeway. Since I hadn’t previously been called in to discuss my evaluations, I was a little nervous. It may just be an annual thing.

In any case, I have added some pictures of knitting here, since I actually got some done. At the top is Salt Peanuts in its current form, as I begin the lacy collar,  and below it is the scarf I made on my trip. It’s about 90 degrees here, so I don’t plan to wear that scarf any time soon, but it turned out well, and I’m glad to have a finished object for 2009. Sigh.