004 Here’s yesterday’s sewing: the straight skirt from Simplicity 2263, though I changed the pleats to gathers on this one, since I plan to make this in the teal gabardine as part of the suit for this SWAP. I also cut the two piece dress from the sateen print, and used said print to line the yoke of the khakhi skirt.

So I combined the two approaches a bit, and will have a finished garment this week (hemming the skirt today) and also a couple of items cut out for sewing when and if I have time.

Time will be in short supply, because everything starts up this week.

I got my online classes up, and it was good practice for me with html. Face to face classes begin this week. My schedule will allow me to continue to go to Pump It Up class. I think that’s what it’s called. I know it’s a class involving a nice, fit woman in her thirties yelling at a roomful of mothers and grandmothers to “dig deep” and “push yourself” and also to call upon Jesus, in whom we can do all things.

No doubt this is true, but making people do push ups and planks in the name of Jesus seems a bit iffy.

Anyway, that class is on Monday and Wednesday and my classes are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This means that I’ll be at my desk at about 9:30 every day. If I work till 6:00, that’ll be a normal workday length. Then I have Master Chorale on Mondays, Bible study on Tuesdays, choir on Wednesdays, my own online class on Wednesdays and Fridays, and the choirlet on Thursdays. I’m thinking of giving up the choirlet.

The choirlet is the most social of these activities, so it might not be good to do that. I have to make efforts to keep some social element in my life. Having things to go to every night of the week will keep me from working so much (at least in theory), but I notice a grave lack of lolling around time in this schedule.

Weekends will have tasks from the HGP, and sewing.

My husband is going to the national pool tournament finals in Las Vega this week, so I can try out the new fall schedule without any added features like noticing having no time with him, or possibly getting complaints about that.

The boys both go back to school this week, but none of us actually starts tomorrow.

Enough maundering. I have work to do. If I can’t get all my work done within the work week now, what makes me think I’ll be able to do it between 9:30 and 6:00 every day?