#1 son and I visited the farmers market,  on the lovely downtown square of our town. We also went to the mall, the office supply store, a couple of thrift stores, Target, and the grocery — can you tell we were finishing our back-to-school shopping? With the fresh vegetables and lots of peppers from the garden, I made and canned some Antipasto Vegetables, a sort of fiery pickle that will cheer us in the winter.

I am also continuing to wrestle with the felted throw, another project which should cheer us in the winter. Unlike most folks who have put their boiled-wool throws online, I did not find my local thrift stores chock-a-block with 100% wool sweaters. I found only one, and it was in such good condition, and looked so good on #1 son when he tried it on at home, that it escaped the fate of felting. So my felted throw continues to be too small for me to want to take up space with seams. I did experiment with the scraps some more and have found that I can overcast and then flatten the seam so that I don’t lose anything to the seams or add unsightly bulk at the back, so that may be the way I’ll go. I pieced together one more square from scraps to get up to 28, and the squares are all lying out on the floor. There they can be arranged into various patterns, which my sons have been helping me do. Then we can gaze at the design for a while before trying something else. Presumably, when we hit the ideal, the Philosopher’s Arrangement, we will recognize it and I will put the squares together.

I cannot quite give up on the idea of using crochet. It would make it just that much larger, as well as allowing me to add another color. It is currently at the $98 size (if I wanted to buy one) but I think that if it were a little bit bigger, it would cover our knees more handily on cold winter evenings.

In the meantime, it is lying on the floor, as I said. The dogs are irresistibly drawn to it. They have been told off repeatedly, but when no one is watching, they sneak over and roll around on the squares. I understand their desire to do this. The squares are soft and thick and smell faintly of lavender. Who wouldn’t want to roll around on them? So they are also developing a light coat of dog hair. I am thinking that I will pull out my copy of 5,500 Quilt Block Designs in hopes of finding the ideal pattern before they are covered with a thick coat of dog hair.