I got quite a bit of knitting done yesterday, as well as a lot of light reading and family conversation.

I did the grocery shopping,  made a proper dinner and scrubbed the bathroom.  I hardly did any work at all.

While I haven’t worked much, I have been keeping an eye on my websites. The traffic at the education site is way down, which seems normal for the season, and accordingly the sales are also down. I mention this for the sake of any readers who are thinking of doing affiliate marketing stuff. We’re doing it just as an experiment, with the goal of paying for our hosting. We have professional hosting, for $270 a year, and we’ve earned about half that much in four months. A definite back to school boom for us, though that boom was 188 products, not the numbers that translate to riches.

I’ll keep you posted.

Looking back on the summer, I see that the website launch was a success and business has been pretty good, but I completely failed to make my SWAP and only lost about 8 pounds. Things have been too exciting here this summer for the reaching of personal goals.

I do intend to make my SWAP, though. I have my new fall schedule starting up tomorrow, and I plan to sit down this evening and work out spaces for needlework and gym time and such, as well as room for the HGP. Since I will probably live for another 40 years or so, I can’t yet decide that I’m too old to bother with self-discipline and continual striving for betterment, but I’m old enough to get bored with myself when I strive to get back on track. At the very least, I have to recognize that this track of which I speak is a place where I go around three times and then wander off or run into things and career wildly across a field before I get back and go around the track a few more times. With no finish line in sight.