Yesterday was my third annual Pampered Chef kickoff. The first year, I went out of curiosity and saw that PC could pay my kid’s tuition bill (it did). Last year, things were very up in the air for me, and I didn’t know what I might be doing, though I hadn’t been keeping up with my PC business well at the time (unemployment interfered with my already limited perkiness). This year I decided to go on the spur of the moment, even though I obviously don’t have time to be a PC lady. They always have interesting presentations on business issues, and a preview of the new season’s products and recipes. Computer guys don’t have this type of meeting, as far as I know.

#2 daughter keeps up her involvement in a similar company, BeautiControl, just enough to provide for her friends and family even though she doesn’t have time to do parties. I like getting the new recipes and things from PC, I like the discount on their products, it’s a fun group. So I may do another catalog show or two. On the other hand, I know plenty of PC ladies, and could probably always get spice blends when I need them without too much effort.

After that, I spent some time lolling around reading, and even had a nap. Then I worked on the Dutchman’s Puzzle quilt a bit. I have a dozen squares made,which is not quite half, so obviously I won’t have it finished before school starts. I think I may use sashing between the squares. It turns out very wiggly-looking if you don’t.

And then I have to decide what evening activities to commit to this year. I need to make a schedule. I’m going to pack my gym bag tonight so I’ll have it tomorrow after class. I’ll get caught up on the laundry and print out my class lists and make sure my online class is ready. And I do have a couple of jobs to do, and a GoToMeeting meeting with the girls.

I really don’t want to limit my life to nothing but work. However much we enjoy our work, we have to have other things in our lives as well. I think I need a lot of music, and the Master Chorale is doing Messiah this year. I can’t ignore my family and friends and expect them to remain close. I’ve made new friends this year, but it’s easy to drift apart if you don’t see one another. We also have to take care of ourselves. Janalisa and I were talking about that yesterday. If, in your forties and fifties, you don’t take care of yourself, then in your sixties and seventies you will be a decrepit old lady, guaranteed.

So, yeah, I have a lively day ahead. Two church services, first. I may have to give that up.