It’s time for the seasonal transition. School has started for #2 son and will start this week for the rest of us. The HGP is starting up. Choirs will be beginning again. We’ll be robing again in church next week.

The rule is that all the uncertainties and overwork and chaos of the summer are now supposed to end.

This isn’t necessarily happening.

I ran into That Man and The Empress yesterday. I was sitting outside having tea with a friend at the little coffee house where #1 son occasionally plays, and people I knew were strolling by with their marketing baskets on their arms, as in the Lucia books of E.F.Benson.

“It sounds like everything is going very well for you,” That Man said bracingly. He’s doing accounting at a nearby hospital. It’s a fulltime job with a living wage, and at 5:00 he can shut the door and not think about it any more.

As you know, I did not accomplish that. I have a variety of jobs, and yesterday, Sunday, during #1 daughter’s visit, I was answering emails from clients, interpreting their desires for their webmasters, delivering kitchen gear, and finishing up my syllabus. And while so far I’ve made quite a lot more than I usually do, I am not assured of a living wage for the future, or even of fulltime work.

On the other hand, I am enjoying my work immensely. I’m looking forward to being back in the classroom. By almost all measures, in fact, my life is better now than it was before I lost my job.

Not all measures. That gives me something to work on.

A friend of #1 daughter’s from Cowboy Land came to dinner last night. We had spent most of the day talking. #1 daughter and her friend played chess while I baked bread and the boys watched American Gangster. I peeked into the room where the movie was and they said, “You wouldn’t like this” without looking up. Dinner was baked penne, homemade bread, steamed green beans, salad, watermelon, and homemade oatmeal cookies with pecans. Largely stuff from the farmers’ market. We talked about Joe Biden, skydiving, roller coasters, the Olympics, God, my husband’s father’s supernatural powers, and altruism over dinner.

Quite pleasant.