docsbag This is all that I have accomplished on the Doctor’s Bag. I really like the texture, though my boys claim not to be able to discern any pattern in it, even when they compare it directly with plain stockinette. I hope that your computer reveals some pattern.

This is the one with the badly-written pattern that slows down the knitting considerably. I am thinking that I should just rewrite it. This would take less time than trying to knit from the badly-written pattern in the first place. 

I had a rough day yesterday. I don’t want to write about it, particularly, but I will say that no one died in the course of it. In the light of day, that seems like an important point that I should have appreciated more at the time.

What I ought to do today is stay home, lying on the couch reading and knitting and occasionally calling out for someone to peel me a grape. Unfortunately, we are having appraisers in tomorrow and there is also no food in the house to speak of and my kid needs school clothes, so I will actually be going to church and then cleaning house and shopping.