It was last week that we got around to celebrating #2 daughter’s birthday with this charming (store bought) cake, and her birthday was a week before that.

I had of course intended to make her a cake from scratch with the pastry skills I’m learning in my Cordon Bleu course this summer, but I am behind on that as on so many other things.


I did take some time off yesterday for housework and reading, and I read God’s Debris, by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. Mostly this is a rather shallow look at God and physics, a topic I always enjoy thinking about, but it had in it the claim that there are people who like to talk about people, and people who like to talk about ideas. The ones who like to talk about ideas are boring.

The book was recommended to me by the Computer Guy, with whom I like to talk about ideas. We were in fact discussing God, physics, and probability when he recommended the book. The book is largely about these subjects, so he could have been recommending it for that reason. He could also have been recommending it as a gentle hint that he would prefer to discuss celebrity gossip in future.

Either way, it’s an interesting book. If you’ve found other books on these subjects too serious, you should check it out.

Today’s Dilbert comic is about conferences, which makes sense since it’s conference season. #2 daughter is in San Francisco for one right now, and I am envying her quite a bit. #1 son is in Utah for a trade show, and I’d also like to be there. I’ve been to a couple already this season and have another coming up in a couple of weeks, though not at such a distance.

Janalisa is coming with me. #1 daughter thought about it, but she says that I tend to take on the social style of whoever I’m with. If she and I go to a networking event, we sit quietly together and don’t talk to anyone else. With Janalisa, I’ll be the life and soul of the party.

I assume this is true, because #1 daughter is very perceptive about such things. It might depend on my remembering to talk about people rather than ideas. I’ll let you know.