I haven’t done much housework. I’ve done a bunch of work, but not much housework at all. Sigh.

I cleaned the kitchen, though, and that’s a start. Really. I’m trying to convince myself of this.

#1 daughter went back to the Deep South to pack up stuff and is on her way back even now. #2 son is leaving in a  week to be an orientation leader, a job that involves being paid to go rock climbing. #1 son is waiting to hear back from a new job he’s fairly excited about, and will be taking 12 hours of lit classes in a couple of weeks. #2 daughter is shadowing a VP in her company as part of a Leadership Program. I have a new textbook, and should therefore be working on my fall classes, which begin in just about two weeks.

So, yeah, there’s a bit of Back to School in the air.

I even went to the local school supply place and bought some supplies.

I’ve been resisting this. First, I have to pay tuition and also #1 daughter’s salary, so I try not to buy things. Second, this is the store that put the final nail in the coffin of the store I worked for. It’s a long time ago and I’m over it, but we did have a bit of bitterness at the beginning, all of us, so there’s a habit of not going there.

However, my husband inadvertently locked up my old supply of center-making materials.

He was concerned that someone would lock the file cabinet where I keep these things. he has been concerned about this for some time, and always makes a point of coming in and lecturing me on the subject. One day he came in to lecture me and I wasn’t here, so he decided to examine the file cabinet minutely in order to judge the degree of danger of inadvertent locking.

In the course of this, he locked it. No one would ever have locked it if he hadn’t done this, I’m sure, but there it is.

So I took the opportunity to do some research on the current trends in classroom decoratives.

At least I don’t have to do bulletin boards.

I did make some cool centers, though. I wonder how horrified my students would be if I brought in cute little owl-themed centers.