Yesterday I did a cool job which is a secret. A couple of hours of website content writing, quite fun, and I got to feel like a spy.

Apart from that, and a bit of website updating, I didn’t work. I watched “Everybody Wants to be Italian” on Instant Watch, hemmed #1 son’s pants, baked some oatmeal cookies, read… It was nice. I have so much stuff that I need to do that it’s hard to relax, but I promised #1 daughter that I’d try.

I’ve heard from the kids a couple of times, but mostly “I can’t talk right now — we’re watching elephants paint!” and “Can’t talk — we’re trying to photograph penguins on the way to Harry Potter!” I guess they’re having fun.

I’d really like to stay home this morning and loll around, but I have to go to church. I think I actually have a meeting at church this afternoon, as well. So I guess I’d better get dressed and eat breakfast and stuff like that.

Marcus Buckingham, in the book I’m reading, reports that cross-cultural studies show that women are less happy when they have more life choices and more freedom than when they follow traditional paths. Also that moms are less happy than childless women. Also that women get less happy as they get older.

I haven’t tracked down his support for these claims, though I’m a mother of four getting older by the minute and I’m quite happy. I’m also aware of the large body of evidence suggesting that people are happy or unhappy with very little reference to their circumstances. Either we have an innate happiness “setpoint” or we are as happy as we make up our minds to be, depending how you interpret the data.

Personally, I’m inclined to be happy and I can’t seem to help it. I’ve had some very difficult times in my life, but I’m practically always happy anyway.

This means that I’m not fit to judge Buckingham’s claims about happiness and women, obviously. I’ll be interested to see what he advises, though. Not getting older? Not having children? And aren’t children kind of a part of the traditional approach that made women happier?

I’ll let you know where he goes with this.